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Index of Major Authors and their Research Contributions

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Lama Jabb: Banditry in Traditional Amdo: The Story of Yidak Kela

Lama Jabb (Editor): Studies in the History of Eastern Tibet [PIATS 2006: Proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. Königswinter 2006.]

Diana Lange: „Local handicraft made by Tibetan village artisans”: globale Einflüsse
und ihre Folgen für das lokale Handwerk in Zentraltibet

Stefan Larson: What Do the Childhood and Early Life of Gtsang myon Heruka Tell Us about His Bka' brgyud Affiliation?

Horst Lasic (Editor): Studies in the Philosophy and History of Tibet [PIATS 2006: Proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. Königswinter 2006.]

Berthold Laufer: The Application of the Tibetan Sexagenary Cycle

Alex Leukart: Dzogchen im Kino

Robert I. Levy: How the Navadurga protect Bhaktapur. The effective meanings of a symbolic enactment

Lhapa Phuntsog: Massage in Tibetan traditional physical training: a brief introduction to the preparatory rubbing method

Siegfried Lienhard:  A Nepalese painted scroll illustrating the Simhalavadana

Siegfried Lienhard: The Devine Play of Lord Kishna. A Krishnalila Painting from Nepal. With Thirty-One Poems in Newari Attributed to King Siddhinarasimha Malla of Lalitpur

Siegfried Lienhard: Riten und Gebräuche der Newars bei Geburt, Menstruation und Tod

Li Lin  (Bonn/Peking): Esoteric Buddhist Relics of the Uighur Kingdom Period in Bezeklik Temple 

Shen-yu Lin: Mi-pham´s Systematisierung von gTo-Ritualen

CHRISTIAN LUCZANITS: The Buddha Beyond: Figuration in Gandharan Cult Imagery

Christian Luczanits: Mandalas of Mandalas: The Iconography of a Stupa of Many Auspicious Doors for Phag mo gru pa

Christian Luczanits (Editor): Tibetan Art and Architecture in Context [PIATS 2006: Proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. Königswinter 2006.]

Ching Hsuan Mei  (Bonn):  Collective Deathbed Visions – Practices in Tibetan ´Pho ba Liturgy and Chinese Pure Land Traditions

Philipp A. Maas: Zur Stellung zweier Handschriften des tibetischen Akṣayamatinirdeshasūtra aus Mustang innerhalb der kanonischen Überlieferung

DEREK F. MAHER: An examination of a critical appraisal of Tsepon Shakabpa’s One Hundred Thousand Moons

Zsuzsa Majer: Three Monasteries by the Ongi river

Zsuzsa Majer: Delgeriin choir, the Monastery of Zawa lam Damdin in the Gobi

Zsuzsa Majer — Krisztina Teleki: On the Current Condition of 190 Old and Present-Day Monastic Sites in the Mongolian Countryside

Guilaine Mala: Buddhapâli[ta] and Sangs rgyas bskyangs: An illustration of the Tibetanisation of Chinese Buddhism in Lcang skya Rol pa´i rdo rje´s Guide to Wutaishan (1767)

Ritual Deposits at Garab-Dzong, Dist. Mustang- Angela von den Driesch, Henriette Manhart, Petra Maurer and Ernst Pohl

Jonathan Markley: A wards of fiefdoms in the Reign of Han Wu-di. A Translation and Commentary of Shiji Chapter 20 Chronological Table No. 8 [2]

DAN MARTIN: Pavements Like the Sea and the Name of the Jokhang: King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba in Lhasa?

KLAUS-DIETER MATHES: Clouds of Offerings to Lady g.Yang ri—A Protector Practice by the First Yol mo sprul sku Shākya bzang po (15th/16th Cent.)

Klaus-Dieter Mathes: Mind and its Co-emergent (sahaja) Nature in Advayavajra´s Commentary on Saraha´s Dohākoṣa

Klaus Dieter Mathes: The Collection of 'Indian Mahāmudrā Works' (phyag chen rgya gzhung) Compiled by the Seventh Karma pa Chos grags rgya mtsho

Petra Maurer: Architekturwissenschaftliches im Vaidurya dkar po

Petra Maurer: Das tibetische Staatsorakel (sku-rten) des Klosters Nechung (gNas-chung)

Petra Maurer (München): Die Aktivitäten rGya lo don-grubs im tibetischen Widerstand – ein Überblick 

Petra H. Maurer:  Einführende Bemerkungen zur Tibetischen Geomantie (sa dpyad)

Petra Maurer: Geomantie in Tibet

Petra H. Maurer: Handschriften zur tibetischen Hippiatrie und Hippologie

Ritual Deposits at Garab-Dzong, Dist. Mustang- Angela von den Driesch, Henriette Manhart, Petra Maurer and Ernst Pohl

Petra Maurer: Die Grundlagen der tibetischen Geomantie dargestellt anhand des 32. Kapitels des Vaidurya dkar po des sde srid Sangs rgyas rgya mtsho (1653–1705)

PETRA MAURER: Pferderennen und ihre Bedeutung in Tibet

PETRA MAURER: Sa dpyad and the Concept of Bla ri

Petra Maurer: Tibetan veterinary medicine: written and oral traditions

Petra H. Maurer: Tibetische Pferdeheilkunde (rta-bcos) 

Petra Maurer: Review of: Te-ming Tsen, Sino-tibetische Divinationskalkulationen (Nag-rtsis), dargestellt an­hand des Werkes dPag-bsam ljon-shing von Blo-bzang tshul khrims rgya mtsho

Petra Maurer: Review of: Shen-yu Lin, Mi pham’s Systematisierung von gTo-Ritualen

Petra Maurer: Review of: Franz-Karl Ehrhard: Die Statue und der Tempel des årya Va-ti bzang-po. Ein Beitrag zu Geschichte und Geographie des tibetischen Buddhismus

Cathy Cantwell and Robert Mayer: The Dunhuang Phur pa Corpus: A Survey

Alex McKay: Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan: the myth of venereal disease

R. O. Meisezahl: Die große Geschichte des tibetischen Buddhismus nach alter Tradition

R.O. Meisezahl: Geist und Ikonographie des Vajrayana-Buddhismus

R.O. Meisezahl: Hastapujavidhi-Texte

Ruth I. Meserve (Bloomington): Where Wolves Walk

Axel Michaels: Der verstossene Sohn. Nepalesische balyogis und der deshantara-Ritus während der Initiation (upanayana)

Die Reisen der Götter. Der nepalische Pasupatinatha-Tempel und sein rituelles Umfeld. Mit einem Beiheft. Pasupatiksetra - Maps of Deopatan by Axel Michaels

Heritage of the Kathmandu Valley. Proceedings of an International Conference in Lübeck, June 1985. Edited by Niels Gutschow and Axel Michaels

Axel Michaels: The Trishulyatra in Deopatan and its legend

Colin Millard: Illness narratives and idioms of meaning in two Tibetan medical clinics

MARTIN A. MILLS: This Circle of Kings: Modern Tibetan Visions of World Peace

Mingji Cuomu: Bod kyi gso rig thun min gyi nad khams rnam bzhag la dpyad pa

Mingji Cuomu (Editor): Studies of Medical Pluralism in Tibetan History and Society [PIATS 2006: Proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. Königswinter 2006.]

The Archaeological Research in the High Mountains of Mustang District - Tara Nanda Mishra

Shin´ichiro Miyaki: A brief introduction to the Tibetan Works Collections of Otani University

Anna Morcom: History, Traditions, Identities and Nationalism: Drawing and Redrawing the Musical Cultural Map of Tibet

Seitetsu Moriyama - The relationship between the two truths, bden pa gnyis, according to Phya pa Chos kyi seng ge, and the influence of his interpretation on the Dge lugs pa traditionUlrike Müller: Die Übernutzung der natürlichen Ressourcen in Gorkha. Soziale und ökonomische Ursachen

Ulrike Elisabeth Müller-Böker: Man, religion and agriculture in the Kathmandu Valley

Saul Mullard and Hissey Wongchuk: Royal Records: A catalogue of the Sikkimese Palace Archive. Published in cooperation with the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

Carsten Naeher: Reviews of the following books: 1. Lars Johanson und Éva Ágnes Csató (Hg.): The Turkic Languages. 2. Martin Haspelmath und Ekkehard König (Hg.): Converbs in Cross-Linguistic Perspective: Structure and Meaning of Adverbial Verbs Forms. 3. Erich Kasten (Hg.): Bicultural Education in the North: Ways of Preserving and Enhancing Indigenus Peoples´ Languages and Traditional Knowledge

Carsten Naeher: Der Beitrag Erwin v. Zachs zur Erforschung der mandschurischen Lexikographie und Lexikologie (Teil2)

Carsten Naeher: Der Beitrag Erwin v. Zachs zur Erforschung der mandschurischen Lexikographie und Lexikologie (Teil 2) – Addenda et Coorigenda

Tetsu Nagasawa: Eaten by primordial wisdom: transmutation of the physical body in the Rdzogs chen tradition

Li Narangoa (Canberra): Mongol nationalism, Chinese colonialism and Japanese imperialism in Inner Mongolia, 1936-1945

Gopal Singh Nepali: Changes in rigidity and flexibility of caste in the Kathmandu valley

Helmut F. Neumann & Heidi A. Neumann: An Early Wall Painting of a Bhaiṣajyaguru Mandala in Western Tibet

Paul K. Nietupski: Nationalism in Labrang, Amdo: Apa Alo/Huang Zhengqing

Ulrike Niklas: A system for Tamil Literature (classical, post-classical, neo-classical)

Ulrike Niklas: Die Edition der Asoka-Inschriften von Erragudi

Nyima Tsering: Bod lugs gso ba rig pa’i slob gso

Hidehiro Okada and Junko Miyawaki-Okada: The Biography of Zaya Pandita,  The Greatest Oirad Monk

Michael  Oppitz: Die Trommel und das Buch. Jhãkri und Jainsi. Eine kleine und die große Tradition

Borjigidai Oyunbilig: Eine mandschurische Throneingabe zum Tod des sechsten Dalai Lama

Zekine Özertural: Punya und Punya-Übertragung im uigurischen Manichäismus  

Mahesh Raj Pant and Philip H. Pierce: Administrative  Documents of the Shah Dynasty Concerning Mustang and its Periphery (1789-1844 A.D.)

Christiane Papa-Kalantari: Courtly Cavaliers, Mounted Heroes and Pehar: New Issues in the Iconography and Iconology of Protector Deities in Early Western Himalayan Art

Pasang Wangdu: The Lebs ri Tombs and the Mchims Clan

Marco Passavanti: The Bla ma brgyud pa´i rim-pa: A Thirteenth-Century Work on the Doha Lineage of Sahara

Nupur Pathak: The influence of dietary beliefs and socio-economic factors on maternal health of exile Tibetans in contemporary Dharamsala

P. Pelliot: Le Cycle Sexagénaire dans la Chronologie Tibétaine

Winfried Petri: Indo-tibetische Astronomie (German)

Winfried Petri: Colours of Lunar Eclipses according to Indian Tradition (English)

Winfried Petri: Uigur and Tibetan Lists of the Indian Lunar Mansions (English)

Winfried Petri: Tibetan Astronomy (English)

Winfried Petri: Über den astronomischen Inhalt des ersten Buches Kalatschrakra
(nach Sankrit und tibetischem Text) (Russian)

J. K. Phukhang und Peter Schwieger: Märchen, Sagen und Schwänke vom Dach der Welt. Teil 4. Erzählgut aus A-mdo und Brag-g.yab

ANNABELLA PITKIN: Lineage, authority and innovation: The biography of Khu nu bla ma Bstan ’dzin rgyal mtshan

Renato Piva:  Der Kochtopf am Schwarzen Meer

Excavation at Garab-Dzong, Dist. Mustang. Preliminary Report of the Campaign 1994 - Ernst Pohl and Chandra Prasad Tripathee

Ritual Deposits at Garab-Dzong, Dist. Mustang- Angela von den Driesch, Henriette Manhart, Petra Maurer and Ernst Pohl

Perdita Pohle: Landschaftsnutzung und Landschaftsschäden - Fallbeispiel Gorkha

Settlement Processes and the Formation of State in the High Himalayas Chracterized  by Tibetan Culture and  Tradition - Willibald Haffner and Perdita Pohle

Geographical Research on the Cultural Landscape of Southern Mustang - Perdita Pohle

Marielle Prins (Leiden): The Rgyalrong New Year. A case history of changing identity

Marielle Prins: Speechmaking: Contextualized Teaching in Rgyalrong Culture

Thomas Preiswerk: Die Phonologie des Alttibetischen auf Grund der chinesischen Beamtennamen im chinesisch-tibetischen Abkommen von 822 n. Chr.

Qu Dafeng (Huhhot): Textile Industry of Shan-hsi Region in the Mongol-Yuan Period

Qu Dafeng (Huhhot): Weaponry Industry of Shan-hsi Region under the Mongol-Yuan Dynasty´s Reign 

Hildegard Diemberger, Karma Phuntsho & Burkhard Quessel: Tibetan-Mongolian Rare Books and Manuscripts Project

Charles Ramble and Jill Sudbury (Editors): This World and the Next: Contributions on Tibetan Religion, Science and Society

Dead and Living Settlements in the Shöyul of Mustang - Charles Ramble and Christian Seeber

A Ritual of Political Unity in an Old Nepalese Kingdom - Charles Ramble

Civic Authority and Agrarian Mangement in South Mustang - Charles Ramble

CHARLES RAMBLE: Both Fish and Fowl? Preliminary Reflections on Some Representations of a Tibetan Mirror-World

Charles Ramble: History from below: An inroduction to Three Tibetan Archival Collections from Mustang, Nepal

Houses and Housholds in Southern Mustang - John Harrison and Charles Ramble

Charles Ramble: Tibetan Sources for a Social History of Mustang, Nepal

Watermills in Mustang: Notes on Architecture, Function and Management - John Harrison and Charles Ramble

Jim Rheingans: The Eigth Karmapa's Answer to Gling drung pa

Bruno J. Richtsfeld: Lu-e-e, Ein Flut- und Ursprungsmythos der Mongolen im Grenzgebiet der chinesischen Provinzen Sichuan und Yunnan

Stephanie Römer: The 14th Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Struggle in Exile: An Analysis

Stephanie Römer und Franz Xaver Erhard (Berlin): „Die Kanonen des Feindes gleichsam auf ihn selbst richten.“ Interkulturelle Auseinandersetzungen der Herrnhuter Brüderunität im Westhimalaya 

Ulrike Roesler: On the History of Histories: The Case of the Bka´ gdams pa-s

Veronika Ronge: Review of: Klieger, P. Christiaan: Tibet-O-Rama Self and Other in a Tale from the Edge of Tibet

Veronika Ronge: Lederfragment eines Stiefels aus einer Höhle des Muktinath-Tales

Veronika Ronge: Wo stehen die Frauen im tibetischen Handwerk?

ALEXANDER VON ROSPATT: Altering the Immutable: Textual Evidence in Support of an Architectural History of the Svayambhū Caitya of Kathmandu

Morris Rossabi (New York): Sambuu and His Autobiography

YUMJEAP RWA: Views on Tibetan names and cultural identity

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