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Beiträge zur Zentralasienforschung

Begründet von  R.O. Meisezahl (†) und  Dieter Schuh

Herausgegeben von Peter Schwieger

Band 14: Orna Almogi (Editor): Contributions to the Buddhist Literature [PIATS 2006: Proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. Königswinter 2006.], 2008, 569 pages, 98,50 Euro. ISBN: 978-3-03809-103-5


Table of Contents

Orna Almogi: Editorial Preface 7

Part One: Canonical Literature

Chiko Ishida: Newly Discovered Folios of the Bodhisattvacaryavatara in the Tabo Collection     25

Laxman S. Thakur: The emergence of the Tabo Avatamsakasutra: An Analysis of Ancient Tibetan Manuscripts and Their Comprehensive Catalogue           45

Orna Almogi: How Authentic Are Titles and Colophons of Tantric Works in the Tibetan Canon? The Case of Three Works and Their Authors and Translators          87


Part Two: Philosophical and Exegetical Literature

Kazuo Kano: Rngog Blo-ldan shes rab´s Topical Outline of the Ratnagotravibhaga Discovered at Khara Khoto      127

Dorji Wangchuk: Cross-Referential Clues for a Relative Chronology of Klong chen pa´s Works   195


Part Three: Tantric Literature

Cathy Cantwell and Robert Mayer: The Dunhuang Phur pa Corpus: A Survey          247


Cathy Cantwell and Robert Mayer: Why Did the Phur pa Tradition Become So Prominent in Tibet?         277


Weirong Shen: A Preliminary Investigation into the Tangut Background of the Mongol Adoption of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism     315


Yael Bentor: Do „The Tantras Embody What the Practitioners Actually Do“?          351


Part Four: Biographical, Historical and Bibliographical Literature  

Helmut Eimer: Sources for the Vita of ´Brom ston Rgyal ba´i ´byung gnas  377


Ulrike Roesler: On the History of Histories: The Case of the Bka´ gdams pa-s          393


Michela Clemente: A Case Study of a Nang gi rnam thar: The Example of Kun spangs pa Chos kyi rin chen´s Autobiography       415  

Marco Passavanti: The Bla ma brgyud pa´i rim-pa: A Thirteenth-Century Work on the Doha Lineage of Sahara      435


Jowita Kramer: The Gsan yig of A mes zhabs: Observations regarding Its Stylistic and Formal Features    489


Part Five: Belles Lettres  

Peter Verhagen: Notes Apropos to the Oeuvre of Si tu pan chen Chos kyi ´byung gnas (1699?-1774) (1): Belles Lettres in His Opera Minora    513


Victoria Sujata: Relationship between Inner Life and Solitary Places: The Mgur of Two Siddhas in Amdo                   549



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