Schuh/Ajaz: Purig

Band 29:  Dieter Schuh and Ajaz Hussain Munshi: Travel into the History of Purig.  Preliminary Report about a Journey to Purig in 2013. 332 pages. 129 Euro. ISBN 978-3-03809-121-9



Introduction  7

1. Purig and Kargil (town)  16

2. The Advent of Islam in Purig  56

3. Astanas, Mosques (Masjid), and Matam Serais in Purig  63

4. Early History of Purig 92

4.1. Petroglyphs in Drass and Purig  92

4.2. Ancient inscriptions and stone sculptures of Maitreya

and Avalokiteśvara in Drass 95

4.3. The Avalokiteśvara rock carving of Skitmartse   110

4.4. The giant Maitreya statues (Byams-pa) of Kartse, Apati

and Mulbekh 126

5. Historical sources about Purig  149

5.1. Information about Purig in Mirza Haidar’s Tarikh-i-Rashidi 149

5.2. Information about Purig in the chronicles of Zangs-dkar  150

5.3. Information about Purig in the La-dvags rgyal-rabs, in Moghul sources

and legal documents    151

5.3.1. Sixteenth Century 151

5.3.2. Seventeenth Century    152 Excursus on Kanji, Henasku, sTag-tse, Bod Kharbu and

Shakar-Cigtan   153 Kanji  153  156 Bod Kharbu  161 sTag-rtse    174 The valley of Cigtan 180  

5.3.3 Eighteenth and early nineteenth Century  194 A royal charter of king bKra-shis rnam-rgyal addressed to jo Hasan Khan of Shakar (1751) 198 Excursus on the chiefdom of Sod  203 The panchayats of the block Kargil which did not belong to Sod in

the 17th and 18th century  226 Excursus on the political units of the Suru valley  235 Tai Suru (~ De Su-ru, the upper Suru valley) 235 The chiefdom Kartse (dKar-rtse)     260 The chiefdom Blon-che    281 Excursus on the chiefdom of Paskyum   284 Excursus on the valley of Phu-dkar    288 Excursus on Wakha and Mulbekh  300

5.3.4 The conquest of Purig by the Dogras303

6. Some remarks about the demography of Purig 308

Bibliography      310

Index of personal names, place names, titles of literary works

and terms   313

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