Archaeology Report

Archiv für zentralasiatische Geschichtsforschung

Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Dieter Schuh und Prof. Dr. Michael Weiers

Heft 14

Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Reports on research activities in the Nepal-Tibetan border area of Mustang during the years 1992-1998 (Ancient Nepal , Numbers 130-133,134,136,137,138,140). 714 Seiten,  145,– Euro.  



Part 1: A Few Words – Khadga Man Shrestha … a; Introduction – Dieter Schuh … c; Trial Excavation of a Cave System in Muktinath Valley – Angela Simons … 1; Dendrochronological Research in South Mustang –  B. Schmidt  … 20; Important Trade Routes in Nepal and Their Importance to the Settlement Process – Rainer Graafen and Christian Seeber … 34; A Ritual of Political Unity in an Old Nepalese Kingdom – Charles Ramble  …  49; Chörten in Mustang – Niels Gutschow  … 59.

Part 2: A Few Words on The Theme – Khadga Man Shrestha  … a; Excavations at Khingar Mound 1991  – Hans G. Hüttel   … 1; Faunal remains From Early Houses in Khingar – Angela von den Driesch  …  18; Tibetan Sources on Muktinath – Franz Karl Ehrhard   …  23; Settlement Processes and the Formation of State in the High Himalayas Chracterized  by Tibetan Culture and  Tradition – Willibald Haffner and Perdita Pohle  …   42; Geographical Research on the Cultural Landscape of Southern Mustang – Perdita Pohle  … 57; Cartographic Activities in the Mustang District – Robert Kostka ….  83.

Part 3: A Few Words about Study on High Mountain Archaeology – Khadga Man Shrestha … 1; A Brief Note on the Seminar on High Mountain Archaeology of Nepal – Janak Lal Sharma  …  9; People´s Participation in the Management of Local Affairs in Southern Mustang in the 19th and 20th Centuries – M. L. Karmacharya … 17; KAGBENI: Structural Analysis of Dendrochronological  Data – Niels Gutschow  … 23; Preliminary Report on the 1992 Campaign of the Team of the Institute of Prehistory, University of Cologne – Angela Simons,  Werner Schön, Sukra Sagar Shrestha … 51; Archaeological Excavations at Khingar and Dzarkot – Chandra Prasad Tripathee … 77; Reflections on the Existence of Castles and Observation Towers in the Area under Inverstigation, the Southern  Mustang – Christian G. Seeber …  81; Civic Authority and Agrarian Mangement in South Mustang – Charles Ramble …  89; The Chorten at Luri – Niels Gutschow   … 137; The Archaeological Research in the High Mountains of Mustang District – Tara Nanda Mishra  …  147.

Part 4: A Few Words about Investigations on the History of the Muktinath Valley – Khadga Man Shrestha   … 1; Investigations in the History of the Muktinath Valley and Adjacent Areas, Part I – Dieter Schuh  … 9; The Pre-historic Settlement of Mustang – First Results of the 1993 Archaeological Investigations in Cave-systems and  Connected Ruined Sites  – Angela Simons, Werner Schön and Sukra Sagar Shrestha …  93.

Part 5: A Few Words on Archeaological and Archival Research in Southern Mustang – Khadga Man Shrestha  … 1; Investigations in the History of the Muktinath Valley and  Adjacent Areas, Part II – Dieter Schuh   … 5; Role of the Bhaladmis in the Management of Local Affairs in Southern Mustang in the 19th and 20th Centuries –  M. L. Karmacharya … 55; Wild life in Ancient Khingar, Mustang – Angela von den Driesch  … 75; Excavation at Garab-Dzong, Dist. Mustang. Preliminary Report of the Campaign 1994 – Ernst Pohl and Chandra Prasad Tripathee  …  95; Dead and Living Settlements in the Shöyul of Mustang – Charles Ramble and Christian Seeber …  107: Short Remarks on the Caves of Tabo in Spiti – Christoph Cüppers   … 131.

Part 6: Foreword – Shaphalya Amatya  … 1; Sa-´dul dgon-pa: A Temple at the Crossroads of Jumla, Dolpo and Mustang – Franz-Karl Ehrhard …  3; Houses and Housholds in Southern Mustang – John Harrison and Charles Ramble  …  23; Watermills in Mustang: Notes on Architecture, Function and Management – John Harrison and Charles Ramble  … 39; Ritual Deposits at Garab-Dzong, Dist. Mustang- Angela von den Driesch, Henriette Manhart, Petra Maurer and Ernst Pohl  …  53; Archaeological Research in Mustang: Report on the Field Work of the years 1994 and 1995 Done by Cologne University Team – Angela Simons, Werner Schön and Sukra Sagar Shrestha  …  65; Excavations at Gotihawa: A Note on the Results Obtained during the First Excavation Campaign Winter 1994-1995- Giovanni Verardi  ….  85.

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