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BZF 28, Vol. 2, bookcover


BZF 28: Christoph Cüppers


Beiträge zur Zentralasienforschung

Begründet von R.O. Meisezahl (†) und Dieter Schuh

Herausgegeben von Peter Schwieger


Band 28: Franz-Karl Ehrhard & Petra Maurer (Herausgeber): NEPALICA-TIBETICA. FESTGABE FOR CHRISTOPH CÜPPERS. Band 1 und 2. 2013, XVI, 336 und VI, 330 Seiten, 118,50 Euro. ISBN 978-3-03809-119-6


Table of Contents:

Volume One

Publication List of Christoph Cüppers xiii

EBERHARD BERG: On the Current Revitalization of the rNying ma Tradition among the Sherpas of Nepal 1

ROLAND BIELMEIER: Das Land Marutse in den Biographien des Padmasambhava 27

KATIA BUFFETRILLE: The rTsib ri Pilgrimage: Merit as Collective Duty?  37

VOLKER CAUMANNS: Paṇ chen Shākya mchog ldan’s Monastic Seat Thub bstan gSer mdog can (Part I): The History of its Foundation  65

OLAF CZAJA: Tibetan Medicinal Plants and Their Healing Potentials  89

HILDEGARD DIEMBERGER & MICHELA CLEMENTE: Royal Kinship, Patronage and the Introduction of Printing in Gung thang: From Chos kyi sgron ma to lHa btsun Rin chen rnam rgyal  119

FRANZ-KARL EHRHARD: The Royal Print of the Maṇi bka' 'bum: Its Catalogue and Colophon  143

KARL-HEINZ EVERDING: Introduction to a Research Project on Documents Issued During the Period of the Great Mongolian Empire to Tibetan Recipients  173

JÖRG HEIMBEL: The Jo gdan tshogs sde bzhi: An Investigation into the History of the Four Monastic Communities in Śākyaśrībhadra’s Vinaya Tradition 187

AMY HELLER: A Sculpture of Avalokiteśvara Donated by the Ruler of Ya tse (Ya rtse mnga’ bdag)  243

NATHAN W. HILL: The Emergence of the Pluralis majestatis and the Relative Chronology of Old Tibetan Texts  249

TONI HUBER: The Iconography of gShen Priests in the Ethnographic Context of the Extended Eastern Himalayas, and Reflections on the Development of Bon Religion  263

DAVID P. JACKSON: Several Episodes in the Recent History of Lumbini  295

MATTHEW T. KAPSTEIN: A Fragment from a Previously Unknown Edition of the  Pramāṇavārttika Commentary of Rgyal-tshab-rje Dar-ma-rin-chen (1364-1432)  315

LEONARD W.J. VAN DER KUIJP: Gu ge Paṇ chen Grags pa rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po (1415-86) on the Nyi ma'i rabs (*Sūryavaṃśa) and the Tibetan Royal Families 325

Volume two

CHRISTIAN LUCZANITS: The Buddha Beyond: Figuration in Gandharan Cult Imagery  1

DAN MARTIN: Pavements Like the Sea and the Name of the Jokhang: King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba in Lhasa?  23

KLAUS-DIETER MATHES: Clouds of Offerings to Lady g.Yang ri—A Protector Practice by the First Yol mo sprul sku Shākya bzang po (15th/16th Cent.)  37

PETRA MAURER: Pferderennen und ihre Bedeutung in Tibet  57

CHARLES RAMBLE: Both Fish and Fowl? Preliminary Reflections on Some Representations of a Tibetan Mirror-World  75

ALEXANDER VON ROSPATT: Altering the Immutable: Textual Evidence in Support of an Architectural History of the Svayambhū Caitya of Kathmandu  91

CRISTINA SCHERRER-SCHAUB: A Frontier Tale: Fragmented Historical Notes on Spiti Monasteries Documents Kept in the Museum of Lahore. Part I.  117

DIETER SCHUH: Tibetischen Inschriften ins Maul geschaut: Beobachtungen zu Stein- und Felsinschriften sowie den Schriften des 7. bis 9. Jahrhunderts in Tibet  143

PETER SCHWIEGER: A Forbidden Nepalese-Tibetan Love Affair  185

MARTA SERNESI: Rare Prints of bKa’ brgyud Texts: A Preliminary Report 191

WEIRONG SHEN: Revitalizing Sino-Tibetan Buddhist Studies: Some Old and New Thoughts 211

PETER SKILLING: The Samādhirāja-Sūtra and its Mahāsāṃghika Connections  227

PER K. SØRENSEN & FRANZ XAVER ERHARD: Tibetan Proverbial Literature: Semantics and Metaphoricity in Context  237

MANFRED G. TREU: Lakṣmīprasāda Devakoṭās Essay "Auf der Sitzmatte" 253

HELGA UEBACH: The lHo-brag Cliff Inscription: An Attempt to Read it with the Help of Katia Buffetrille’s Photographs of 1988 261

ROBERTO VITALI: From Sum ru to the Great Central Asian “Sea of Sand”: Hints on the Role of the mThong khyab in the State Organisation of Dynastic Tibet  269

MICHAEL WALTER: ‘All that Glitters Is Gold’: The Place of the Yellow Metal in the Brahmanic,Scythian, and Early Buddhist Traditions  283

ZUHIŌ YAMAGUCHI: The Connection Between Tu-fan (吐蕃) in the First Half of the Seventh Century and Nepal 299

KODO YOTSUYA: dGe lugs pa Interpretation of Bhāvaviveka’s Critique of Buddhapālita’s Argumentation of Non-Origination from Self  323

Amy Heller: Avalokiteshvara 

Christian Luczanitz: Teaching Buddha Triad



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