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 Index of Major Authors and their Research Contributions

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JEAN-LUC ACHARD: Zhang ston Bkra shis rdo rje (1097–1167) et la Continuation des Essences Perlées (Snying thig) de la Grande Perfection

Vincanne Adams, Renqing Dongzhu, Phuoc V. Le: Translating science: the Arura Medical Group at the frontiers of medical research

Dieter Schuh and Ajaz Hussain Munshi: Travel into the History of Purig.  Preliminary Report about a Journey to Purig

Eva Allinger: Considerations on the Development of the Representation of the Buddha’s Life in Early Tibetan Thangkas

Orna Almogi: How Authentic Are Titles and Colophons of Tantric Worls in the Tibetan Canon? The Case of Three Works and Their Authors and Translators

Orna Almogi (Editor): Contributions to the Buddhist Literature [PIATS 2006: Proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. Königswinter 2006.]

Shaphalya Amatya: Nepal's strategy on  heritage conservation

Reuven Amitai ( Jerusalem ): A Mongol Governor of al-Karak in Jordan ?: A Re-examination of an Old Document in Mongolian and Arabic

Dibyesh Anand: Challenging ‘Tibetan Exceptionalism’: Exotica Tibet as an
Orientalist Construct

ALEXANDRE ANDREYEV: The Buddhist Revival in Russia (Late 1980s–1990s) and Tibet

Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Reports on research activities in the Nepal-Tibetan border area of Mustang

Vibah Arora: “Will You Buy My Yaks? I Want to Open a Teashop at Gangtok”: The Crises of Roots and Routes Among the ’Brog pa of Lhonak Valley in North Sikkim, India

Françoise Aubin (CNRS, Paris): La loi, témoin de la vie. Les biens du nomade dans le droit pénal mongol (XVIe-XVIIIe siècles)

Agata Bareja-Starzynska: The Growth of the Religious Authority of the First Jebzundamba of Mongolia (1635-1723)

Agata Bareja-Starzyńska (Warsaw): Biographies of the First Jetsundampa Öndör Gegeen Zanabazar Blo bzang bstan po'i rgyal mtshan (1635-1723) – Brief Survey of Sources

Udo B. Barkmann (Ulaanbaatar/Berlin): A. D. Simukov (1902-1942) – Anmerkungen zu den wirtschaftspolitischen Hintergründen eines Forscherlebens

Niels Gutschow and Ganesh Man Basukala: The Navadurga of Bhaktapur - spatial implications of an urban ritual

Charles R. Bawden (Iver): Cornelius Rahmn and the Kalmuck Mission

ACHIM BAYER: The Ethics of Kingship and War in Patrul Rinpoche’sWords of My Perfect Teacher and the Last Buddhist Rulers of Derge 

Eva Becker: Karakorum – Bukinič vs. Kiselev

Eva Becker: Karakorum - Fragen zum Stadtplan

Raimund O.A. Becker-Ritterspach: Certain aspects of design of Nepalese degah with an ambulatory surrounding cella

Christopher I. Beckwith: An introduction to theoretical and methodological problems in the comparative-historical linguistics of Eastern-Eurasian languages

Christopher I. Beckwith: The Pai-lang songs: The earliest texts in a Tibeto-Burman language and their Late Old Chinese transcriptions

Christopher I. Beckwith: Old Chinese loans in Tibetan and the non-uniqueness of „Sino-Tibetan"

Christopher I. Beckwith (Editor): Medieval Tibeto-Burman Languages III [PIATS 2006: Proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. Königswinter 2006.E]

Elisabeth Benard: A Secret Affair: The Wedding of a Sakya Bdag mo

Yael Bentor: Do „The Tantras Embody What the Practitioners Actually Do“?

Anne-Sophie Bentz: National Identity and Diaspora: Tibetan Refugees in India

Patrizia de Bernardo Stempel: The Celtic Relative Verb in the Light of Indo-Iranian

EBERHARD BERG: On the Current Revitalization of the rNying ma Tradition among the Sherpas of Nepal

Wolfgang Bertsch: Gold und Goldmünzen in Tibet

Wolfgang Bertsch: Die moderne tibetische Armee (1912-1959)

Wolfgang Bertsch: Gold und Goldmünzen in Tibet

Wolfgang Bertsch: Rai Bahadur Norbu Döndrub  (Ra-hi Bha-´dur Nor-bu don-grub)

Wolfgang Bertsch: Ringang Rigdzin Dorje (Rin-sgang Rig-´dzin rdo-rje)

Wolfgang Bertsch: Tibetische Münzstätte Trabshi Lekhung (Grwa-bzhi glog-´phrul las-khungs)

Wolfgang Bertsch: Tibetische Münzen

Wolfgang Bertsch: Tibetische Münzen

Dieter Schuh und Wolfgang Bertsch: Tibetische Siegel

Roland Bielmeier und Silke Herrmann: Viehzüch-tererzählungen sowie Erzählgut aus sKyid-grong und Ding-ri

Roland Bielmeier: Das Märchen vom Prinzen Cobzang. Eine tibetische Erzählung aus Baltistan. Text,  Übersetzung, Grammatik und Glossar

ROLAND BIELMEIER: Das Land Marutse in den Biographien des Padmasambhava

Roland Bielmeier: Zur Stellung des Dialekts von Mustang in Nepal

Dieter Schuh, Roland Bielmeier, Christoph Cüppers und Burghart Schmidt: Forschungsbericht über die Exploration  der Höhlen des Muktinath-Tales (1986-1987)

Balthasar Bickel: Verb Agreement and Epistemic Marking: a Typological Journey from the Himalayas to the Caucasus

Ágnes Birtalan (Budapest): Some Remarks on To wang’s Teaching 

Jeannine Bischoff: Besprechnung von: Czaja, Olaf, Medieval rule in Tibet: The Rlangs clan and the political and religious history of the ruling house of Phag mo gru pa. With a study of the monastic art of Gdan sa mthil

Winfried Boeder: Swanische Präverbien und Klitika

Natalia Bolsokhoeva: Lama Agvan Nyima (1907-1990) – The Buddhist Master from Buryat-Mongolia

Lara Braitstein: The Extraordinary Path: Saraha´s Adamantine Songs and the Bka´ brgyud Great Seal

John Bray: A.H. Francke’s last visit to Ladakh: history, archaeology and the First World War

John Bray: Missionaries, officials and the making of the 1826 Dictionary of the Bhotanta, or Boutan Language 

Benjamin Brosig:  Review of : SVANTESSON, Jan-Olof, Anna TSENDINA, Anastasia KARLSSON und Vivan FRANZÉN: The Phonology of Mongolian. The Phonology of the World’s Languages

Trine Brox: Changing the Tibetan Way? Contesting Secularisms in the
Tibetan Diaspora

Erberto Lo Bue: The Śambhala Murals in the Klu khang and Their Historical Context. A Preliminary Report

Erberto Lo Bue (Editor): Tibetan Art and Architecture in Context [PIATS 2006: Proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. Königswinter 2006.]

KATIA BUFFETRILLE: The rTsib ri Pilgrimage: Merit as Collective Duty?

Anne Burchardi: The Role of Rang rig in the Pramāna-based Gzhan stong of the Seventh Karmapa

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